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Supriyo Sahoo


Supriyo Sahoo a graduate in textile design. He has extensively researched handlooms and learned about the use of ‘Eri’ and ‘Endi’ silk yarn. He is versed in the complete textile design process. He has worked on Indian miniature painting and Chamba Rumaal embroidery to implement in textiles. Along with that he has also experimented and worked on different kinds of textile dyeing and printing like mud resistant Batik, Marble dye etc. One of his expertise lies in working in Bengal kantha and develop needle work quilts with hand woven khadi base.

He has been recognized and awarded for his work and has been rewarded the certificate of merit in textile design. His art and textile pieces have been appreciated all over and have been showcased in many exhibitions worldwide. He has worked for many design houses. He has a deep connect with the artisans who have practiced the art of handloom for generations.

Supriyo Sahoo is a featured artist with Earthen Creed, A young company with a heart towards promoting creativity, vibrancy and cultures from around the world, Earthen Creed was founded in 2015 from our love of artwork and a passion to bring forward the immense beauty and talent that resides in so many far flung areas of the world. A lot of these art forms are fading out which sparked a desire in us to try and conserve these heritages and help them thrive again. As art enthusiasts and curators, we blend our ideas with the artists and artisans in trying to bring the beauty of hand crafted designs to people.

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artwork by Supriyo Sahoo

artwork by Supriyo Sahoo

artwork by Supriyo Sahoo