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Margaret Barth

I first noticed, many decades ago, while working in the Fashion Industry, there was massive amounts of waste, along with environmental hazards in production of garments. I was employed for a major label, as an Assistant Designer and later a Production Manager. I became intimately involved with manufacturing and would visit our production houses and noticed how discarded materials were handled. Many bolts of fabric...sometimes over 50 yds were stamped, a hole was pierced through yardage and destined for a landfill. This became a light bulb moment and a game changer for me. I became obsessed how I could change the way we produce. How I could be part of the solution.

I started looking closely at the market, realizing that there really was no one creating a beautiful products with impeccable design and hand crafted quality that was environmentally responsible. Then, a company literally came knocking at a design company, where I was designing. They asked, if I would be interested in designing a "recycled line" of products for their new company. I leaped at the opportunity. This became my playground.

The rest is history, Greenbleez was created to be a highly creative solution and a responsible product that is today's plaything and tomorrow's keepsake. All materials are resourced locally, which cuts down on shipping and reducing the studio's carbon footprint. Reusing materials means it reduces the need for new materials requiring both water and oil production. Each Greenbleez critter is remade from reclaimed sweaters that are hand selected. No two Greenbleez products will ever be the same. Greenbleez believes that each child is as unique as each Greenbleez handmade product. Greenbleez is lovingly handmade in Philly, PA.

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recycled dolls by margaret barth

recycled dolls by margaret barth

recycled dolls by margaret barth