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Laura Demme

As a child of six my first act of creation was the making of doll clothes to fit a tiny 3” baby doll who lived in my doll house. Through the mail, large manila envelopes of trims would arrive, from Wright Trims, for a dime. To receive this with its many colors and textures enchanted me. My imagination would run wild, and I would indulge in orgies of doll clothes. I still have these tiny things along with the doll house from my childhood, with all the dolls and their clothes and shoes. As a child of an artist, I was given the space to dream and create. There were always plenty of art supplies around for my siblings and I to use. Living in Mexico City from age 6, there wasn’t a lot of distractions, no TV, we were not free to roam around the neighborhood. We read a lot of books, had puppet shows, doll houses were created and pulled down. Drawing and coloring paper dolls, making stuff for our doll houses. We kept busy!

Upon Graduating from High School, my graduation present was a summer away at Peters Valley Craft School, where I took as many classes as I could in Weaving, Spinning, Dyeing and of other mediums, Clay and Wood. This set me on my course as a multimedia artist. My schooling was a patchwork of Art school and Art Classes. I learned what I wanted in order to make what I wanted. With help form other Craft Artist Friends, I began to show my work in NYC at Julies Artisans Gallery. New York City allowed me to make a living as a designer of Clothing, Fabric and Knits. Upon marrying and moving away from NYC to Philadelphia, I taught at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

As a stranger to this area, I found like minded people at the wonderful Art Centers. My hands found clay and here I am. With a few other media along the way.

As an Artist working in various media — ceramic, paint, fiber, encaustic, concrete — I tend toward work that encompasses complexity. Using multiple media helps me convey the juxtaposition of ideas and emotions, as I find the world a many layered place. At times this, complexicity overwhelms me. I find myself returning to one medium to help me sort out my own experience. As I continue to develop as an artist, I revisit ideas from the past from a new point of view.

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artwork by Laura Demme

artwork by Laura Demme

artwork by Laura Demme