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Bob Hakun

I collect old discarded common items: some natural, some man-made. I look for old pieces that show the graphic effects of aging: the beauty and harshness of the breaking-down over time of all things into what they came from. I look for pieces that are burnt, broken, rusty, crushed, bent, stained and cracked, (and sometimes smell bad). Sometime the final art piece will seem to tell a story or convey a message about something, but it will not clear as to what that message really is. It is open to interpretation by the viewer.

I create a forced juxtaposition of what are normally unassociated items. I try to allow the processes and methods of attachment to be exposed and obvious as I assemble the pieces.

My methods of assembly are simple and crude and often not appropriate for the items being assembled. I sometimes accent the assembly technique to a level of importance above that of the items being assembled.

The assembly process itself can sometime look brutally graphic. I try to avoid the look of craftsmanship or good design. I want the making of the piece to look clumsy and unrefined. I want the art to have an emotional presence – but aesthetics is not an important consideration – as long as the piece looks “interesting”. The creation of something that will be called “art” is not a strong consideration: it is what it is.

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artwork by Joon Farlam

artwork by Joon Farlam

artwork by Joon Farlam